My name is Gary and have been around computers for almost fifthy years. Learned electronics in the Air Force 1954-1957.

I was a mainframe repairman for 30 years with Burroughs/Unisys.

Self taught on PC,s and love their ability, now have a laptop also.

I do some PC repair on the side for friends and those who ever get a hold of one of my
business cards.

At age 74 I still have a good mind for computers, digital camera, wood working and do it your self repairs and anything I can take apart.

Hope to get some help through this Web Site.

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Welcome to DaniWeb, hope you enjoy your stay. The first computer I ever saw was in a SAGE building in McChord AFB, Tachoma WA in 1963 -- one computer occupied three stories of that building. But I'm sure you know about those monsters :) I wasn't into computers in those days, but had to walk past it to get to my job.

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