Hi I am undergrad student wishing to devleop my skills for real working life, currently need to upgrade my C++ skills to something meaningful other than just the basics, for a job interview next week. No pressure.

I have dabled with C, C++, VB, C#, PHP, and despite developing a few apps many moons ago I am still a novis / a newby so I would love to learn from those who can, my main problem is finding something to develop that I am interested in and that I can acheive.

My passions apart from the obvious include LIFE, music, playing the keyboard, sci-fi computer games, going out with friends and wife, eating out and cooking.

The job I am currently going after involves working with text messaging services using MS development and systems. In Primerily in C++.

Any advice / direction welcome, especially any insite to any worked examples of text messaging problems to development, I need to practice my designing of programs too, have an exam on that as part of the interview process! yack!



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