Hello all,
Just joining this forum, and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Lane and I go by the nick "UrthLight" I am the manager of Information Technology at a Central Florida Aerospace firm and a part time inventor. My intrests are programming, robotics, cnc, electronics, Networking et. al. I have a wide background in various technologies and am always learning something new. I have a standing offer ... you bring the idea I will produce the widget we sell/market it and split the procedes 50-50.
thank you

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Hey there Urthlight! Welcome to DaniWeb :) Browse around, enjoy, post, reply, participate in our community ... and have fun :)


could you invent something to ummmm do all my desires and then some?

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I am developing several robotic tools at this time. But I have Ideas for automating several part cutter robots. If you have a task that could be automated I would love to hear from you, I have non-disclosure forms to protect your ideas. I am not in the biz of stealing other peoples ideas, that has a very limited future. I am in this for the long run. Ladies I am especially talking to you. Do you have an idea of a labor saving device. Dont be put off by the term robot, We are surrounded by robots (most of them very simple devices) elevators, cruise control, rotisseries etc. A new gadget could bring us millions. I will even develop .....ahem..adult items. If you wait too long someone else will do it. Rack your brains.....lets go to work before someone beats us to it. We have nothing to lose except time.

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