Dave here,
Im excited to know that there is a site where i can ask questions about technical problems I ocassionaly have with my computers along with Internet marketing help. Its great to be here, I look forward to meeting many people on this site. I hope to learn enough things as I go to be able to help others, Im sick and tired of Sales operations online that want to sell me there "Secrets" aren't you!! you know the rest of the story!!. Im here because I have a
toshiba satellite MX35X-S311 , Laptop its around 3yrs old and never left the house, in excellent condition and never abused. I decided to place it in my trunk of my car and when to plug it in at a restaurant in upstate NY heading to rochester, NY and the power never came on. I use to work on Appliances as a tech but not computers, I know the battery was working fine back home and I used a the AC plug and that didnt work.Hmmm, now what !!
any one have a sugestions. my warranty expired from curcuit city about 4 months ago HAHAHAHA Hmmm. noticed that when you lift the cover and pull it back there is a tiny hole, thought it may be a reset button, there is no peg popping up through the hole, Hmm, was there one ? there is a small tech shop up the street I could bring it too, I would prefer to try to fix it myself if I could be guided through this by someone. if its to complex or if the laptop could fall apart while attemping them Ill let a shop handle it. If you know of this laptop model give me a jingle. thanks and glad to be on this site.:) <EMAIL SNIPPED>

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Hi Dave:
Thanks for the detailed intro.
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