Hi there! We're a Vancouver, Canada-based shop developing a 3D / web-based virtual worlds platform with Ruby on Rails. We're looking for beta testers, so if anyone's interested in 3D web stuff and cares to try a demo, please drop by:

<URL SNIPPED> (see also a YouTube video)

We're also currently recruiting for an experienced Ruby on Rails contractor and a sysadmin with LAMP experience. If either of those roles interest you and you happen to be based in the Vancouver/Canada area (or not), please check out the description over on the job board.



Leap In Entertainment

Welcome! A moderator will probably delete the links from your post, or perhaps move it to a more appropriate forum, I don't know. To create a signature go to your control panel and click on Edit Signature. This allows you to automatically promote your page without breaking the rules. Good luck with your site.

Thanks, jasimp. It appears that I can't edit the message at this point, but I'll await correction.

Hopefully the recruitment posts, at least, are in the right spot.

Hopefully the recruitment posts, at least, are in the right spot.

If you are referring to, Ruby on Rails developer it appears to be. I'm actually surprised, you took the time to post your job offer in the correct area. Not a lot of people take the time to find the right forum.

hey there
good luck with your search