So every where election and their contestant is going on. This was expected as this one is really taking ugly shape and everyone wants to share their own view with style.

Marching orders were given!

Talking about lipstick!

Not really cartoons, but funny political bumper stickers:

As Phil Gramm, main sponsor of the "Enron Loophole" and good buddy of John McCain so smartly says "Dems are Whiners"

Phil Gramm had to repeat one of his school grades three times. No wonder he became a politician.

"McCain Speek", just an example:

A bit old, but even a couple years ago I enjoyed this in the book I was reading.


It's the Economy Stupid!

The Maverick? Saying it and doing something about it is different!

Ene, nice comment: "It's the Economy Stupid!"


The ideal NRA front-runner:

Taxation without representation:

He should be the vice pres again, kind of like him ....

The new Mount Rushmore National Memorial:

He should be the vice pres again, kind of like him ....

Do you think Dick would outlive John? They both have the best healthcare the taxpayers can buy!

The bridge to somewhere:

Spread the wealth, the way it should be done...

Spread the wealth (McCain style)...

"Keep this figure in mind when people claim that the $150,000 the RNC spent on Sarah Palin’s wardrobe represents some kind of frivolity. At least she’s going to wear the clothes more than once, and it may raise some decent funds for charity at the end of the campaign. The Democrats spent an additional $5.3 million on the Barackopolis at Invesco Field, after spending over $14 million to outfit the Pepsi Center."