Hi there,

I am new to this site and a little lost, so to speak.

My name is Jaco and I am from South Africa. New to computer technology and used to work for a company dealing with SQL and reporting. I used to write the company reporting from SQL.

I am wanting to ask some questions regarding Microsoft Office 2007, but I am not to sure where to ask the questions.

Could someone help, please!!!

By the way, this is an excellent site. It has helped me already with some of my other queries.
Keep it going!!!


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hey jaco
sittas here must admit by just reading your name I immediately thought that you could be from SA. im from the mother city (SA). anyways enjoy your stay this is trully a gr8 site.
cheers dude


Hey Sittas, thanx for the nessage. I'm staying in the Garden Route. Hoping to visit Cape Town soon. But not soon enough.

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