Hi All,
I wonder if anyone can help me at all. I am not technically minded when it comes to computers so your help would be much appreciated. I recently bought a tower off ebay which was listed as working and had XP installed. When using the tower I noted that things like a system restore point was missing and also the recycle bin. When going into start up to access all programmes, the usual long list did not appear. I therefore contacted the seller who in turn sent me the XP disc to re-install. Today I was going to do this but when starting the computer I encountered a problem. It started up as far as the XP logo with the blue lines flashing from side to side and then went to the next stage showing just the XP logo on a blue background. The egg timer then vanished and the screen stayed like that. I have read some articles where they suggest trying to start in Safe Mode after pressing F8 but I cannot find the Safe Mode that way. All this gives me is a list of 4 boot devices. Can anyone think of a way that I can correct this error. Alternatively, I have purchased a Windows Vista disc and would like to install this but can I do that from turning the tower on or do I need to have a Windows package running already?

i think you should format your computer..!!


hi marco
previous poster is right also
you can make it dual boot to retrieve data that you didnt backup or wanto loose. and delete old/current OS