Hello. I have exhausted all of my meager knowledge and tools dealing with trying to join these files. I downloaded 6 split movie files from watch-movies.net. I then put them all in a new folder on my WMD external drive. I also renamed the files. Example: x-files.001, x-files.002, x-files.003 and so on.

I am using HJSPLIT version 2.3 When I open the app and click input I go into the file where the movies are but it doesn't show that there are any movies there. I have other movies on my drive so I went into those folders and it doesn't show any movies at all. It shows everything else such as other folders and even the folders where movies are supposed to be but HJSPLIT shows nothing. Please help. Any advice at all will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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If by renaming the files you mean that you renamed the extensions from wmv to 001, 002, etc., then HJSplit is not going to work. It will only join files that were split using HJSplit to begin with & these files would have 001, 002, etc. as extensions already.
If the files you downloaded had a wmv extension, then you will need a joiner that works with wmv files.

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