I am surprised to see that nobody has posted on here about the WH Toy Drive. Thought I'd start it up, and excuse me if there is one.

Thought I'd just spread the word about the WebHost Toy Drive, which is a online charity thing for people to donate money for toys for children whos parents are in the armed forces (I think thats what it is.) Anyway, its all for a good cause, I would donate, but I am low on money this year, plus Danny insisted to wait until next year.

So they have raised $2,000 so far and their goal is $3,000 but check this out, most definitely, DemoDemo and iNet Interactive matched them with $500 donations, each. So if your somebody who looks to match the next $500, go to their site and let them know.

All information can be found at http://www.whtoydrive.com and Danny has verified that there will be one next year, so hopefully I'll have my online clothing store going well and I may match them with a history breaker of $1000, shhhhhh, don't tell Danny. But again, its all for a good cause so help out today.

Post here if you donate and let me know because it'd be nice to know the good people who donated.

Lastly, anybody who donates $1 or more will receive their link on their page, but remember like their FAQ says, a good toy costs about $5.

Anyway, I think it all end December 10, so get them going now. :cheesy:

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It sounds like a good deal. Do not wish to steal your thunder, but if people are more comfortable donating "locally", the USMC (United States Marine Corps) has an annual "Toys for Tots", and offer in many major cities, the ability to drive up and place a Toy in the box.

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What kind of toys are you talking about?

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