I don't know if any of you have stumbled upon this blog post. Looks like a serious threats to all .pk domain owners.

Meet the new ex-owner of google.com.pk, jang.com.pk and a dozen other top .pk(Pee-Kay-NIC) domains…

That guy has successfully added some of the top .pk domains to his panel and even a dns change could have created a havoc on the Pakistani Internet Activities.

I wonder what kind of company is managing the PKNIC.

Hmm, that could have been devistating if he is tell the complete truth.

Just wait for someone to DNS poisen pk.

And you registered just to post that? Smells like spam to me...

And you registered just to post that? Smells like spam to me...

Such a fake, errors don't happen like that. What is so special about those specific domains that allowed him to have access to them. Why not all domains that pkNIC has control over(no just those specific ones).

Notice the page 1of1 and that all the domains there are huge pk domains. I don't buy it.

yes, because we want to build some momentum in the news to have the PKNIC sign a SLA.

And this is not a fake news. PKNIC has already confirmed it. And yes, all the domains could have been controlled. Just read the first post. The domains added are just the big ones.

Such a fake, errors don't happen like that.

Er, yes, they do.

Er, yes, they do.

If that's the case then that's some pretty sorry programming then. One little mistake and everyone has access to all of the domains. Not only that but some pretty sorry programming business practices too. If I ever made a mistake like that at work, I would be canned so fast I wouldn't have time to spit. Only because if you follow standards, stuff like this doesn't happen, at least not "out of network" anyway. And, it should take more than one little typo to accidentally give an account access to everyone's account, especially when doing so could slaughter your entire business.