hi im carrie

i joined this community becuase i run a forum for visually impaired people and am struggling to offer the most ease of access to blind people while keeping on top of spammers.

im visiually impaired myself and while i manage to find my way around the net quite well some of my members dont and im trying to build a forum that is accessible to all. but even with the annoying and higly inacessible verification code out the way some people are still struggling with the registration to combat this i have left an section open to guests to post with registration problems which is getting attacked dailly by spam bots and spammers.

other issues with access mean i really need to move the forum somewhere else and using a different template than phpbb but all other forum templates still have access issues.

so iv joined here to learn as much as i can about accessible online communities in the hope that i can provide a fully accessible yet safe community for blind people.

im also a digital artist and have my own website for my art and im about to start a webdesign course too and again am eager to provide more accessible sites on the internet.

Hi Carrie...Weclome to Daniweb Friend :)