Hello, I am a newbie here and my username is loraswolf as I am sure will show without giving it here, but as I am introducing myself, if seems only proper to do so. I have been working with computers before PCs became available (wow, dating myself!), I am self-taught and can usually chase down a problem and fix it before you can get a tech support agent online or phone to assist you (*sarcastic* I have yet to find one who had an answer) and have only contacted tech support 3 times, reluctantly. It has been my experience that I find more helpful information using forums such as this.

I am looking forward to gathering information and sharing whatever useful information I may have. Thank you for taking a moment to read this introduction and for having me join your community!

loraswolf :)

Hi loraswolf...Weclome to Daniweb Friend :)

Thank you for your warm welcome! Sorry to be so long in replying, been rather busy lately!

Hi loraswolf welcome to the site iam so glad to have you here..... nice to meet you.....