Hello everybody :D

My name is Dario and I am 24 years old. I am currently finishing high-school, and have come here to seek for some help and guidance - as well as new friends!

Right now - I have 4 labs left to do in my school (JAVA-programming), and after that I will be able to do my examinationwork.

On my free time, I train Shotokan Karate, Jujutsu and Judo.
I got a black belt in Karate, and in Jujutsu/Judo I have yellow belt.

Also - I love drawing, and making poems! I have a little collection here somewhere at home. Haha But it's only good, right? Whatever makes you relax, you know?

I have come - in my hope to get help with the last 4 labs. I injured my tendons on my arms - and have just recently been able to work with the computer. The thing is, I need to finish them soon - so I can show up my examination work (A basic HTML editor created in C#).
And after that - I will FINALLY get my diploma! :D

Also - I have seen this is a really nice forum! Too bad I didn't know about it earlier- otherwise I would have joined!

Seems like there are really nice people - and I hope to meet MANY new friends! :D

Best wishes! (from me and the penguins in Sweden - Hahaha)

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Great profile , you can also try to get black belt/green belt in six sigma :)

Haha - thanks man! :D Sure. I've been thinking about that too lately actually. I will get it. In time. ;) And training ofcourse. Haha! It's just fun. :D

You do some martial arts too?


Hi there Dario
Welcome to the site friend hope you enjoy it here with us


Many thanks sittas87 :)

I think it'll be quite enjoyable here. It looks to be decent people around.
And that's the most important thing - in my opinion. ;)

Take care!

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