Hello all,

I am starting a research about: 'how virtual reality and gaming influence our values'. Do you guys know where I could find information about the topic in the internet?


Are you doing primary research?
At what level granularity?
Are you doing a survey of current literature?
Have you defined 'virtual reality'?
What is the baseline you are using to compare values?

Try a search engine.

I am currently doing a literature study on the topic. And values here are majorly concerning ethics. Talking about virtual reality, I am currently thinking of 'Second Life' as the best example.

Since it is a school project, perhaps I won't cover too detailed information. At least I am expecting general understanding about the topic.

Well, I will try to look for some related articles online. Anyway, thanks for the responses.

ACM portal or IEEE portal, both require membership which is a dig into pocket, however if you university student try to check with your library if they have subscriptions with these portals (many do). And you should use scholar.google.com instead of usual one.

I would also suggest that you join Second Life as a student who is doing research and see if you can also get 'in character' responses from people who are participating; come to think of it, there might be some literature on SL in SL that you could research.

Is this getting to recursive?

Is this getting to recursive?

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