"what facet of the IT world would you advise a newbie like me to venture in-programming,security,dbase,network or others?
or which do you think is easiest?" was a question i got from my baby bro.somebody help out with explanantion pls.

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>what facet of the IT world would you advise a newbie like me to venture in
The one you find most interesting. Or if you have no preference, get a taste of them all until you do.

>or which do you think is easiest?
Of those listed I think networking is easiest, but I also think it's the most boring.


Most commonly CISCO or Microsoft Network Certificate.
How to begin -> make decision which party you wish to go
The highest -> I assume you mean the highest possible certificate in case of CISCO it is CCIE or CCDE which are only accessible by invitation if I remember correctly. In Microsoft I'm not sure, never been actually interested in it...


>what re the certifications available for networking? how to begin and the highest?
I'll be blunt. If you're looking for the easiest field, quit IT now and focus on something better suited to your interests and abilities. Not only is your attitude prone to failure, you'll also end up being a piss poor professional who does piss poor work "just to get a paycheck".

>would u also suggest networkin?
I didn't suggest networking. You asked which of those listed was easiest, and I offered my opinion on that question. If you want my opinion of which you should choose, then based on what I've seen of you, I'd say none of the above.


k narue,guess i just convert ur words to be a little bit "unblunt"

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