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I did not know that the Quiet Storm was real

Yes some of the BEST r&b out there!!

Right now though im enjoying 80s reloaded!! (Excellent 80s stream)



Death.FM - nothing like a little(or a lot of) doom, tech death, and general insanity to start the morning. In fact, the Spawn of Possession is boosting the caffeine nicely.


Everlast - Love, War and the Ghost of Whitey Ford.

A new entry in my collection - I really like it so far

Next one in playlist is Ellen Allien & Apparat - Orchestra of Bubbles


Sometimes, when I think I might know something about the local scene, I go here. I begin to vaguely remember my promise to myself "I will never be as lame as my 'rents - I will always keep up with the latest music" - heh,heh; when I was growing up there were probably at most 7 different flavors of music. Now you get to choose between crust punk, "crossover/metal/punk/thrash/grindcore", thrash, nardcore(?), skatepunk, then there is the whole Indie scene.

Then it is back to Rammstein, now.

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