I am a teacher who has to look after the schools network. I have no training in networking and i am slowly learning

The problem is that there is no server. They are all connected on a LAN but are stand alone machines. I have to insert 50 usernames and passwords and restrict access to personal files and folders etc on each machine. There are 14 XP computers.....

A couple of questions.....

1. help!!!
2. I am after creating 50 accounts on one machine and logged in as those users and mapped a network drive to those accounts. This is necessary to save all files after every week. is there any way i can copy these accounts and load them into another xp machine without physically doing this very boring process again. It is most cumbersome and suicidal......
3. Can anyone suggest free software that could help me in this task or good websites for network beginners who do not have a server machine.....(as one can see am lost)



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