Hi all
I'm Leo, and I live in Australia, west of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales.
I've been playing with computers for around 25 years (48 years of age), and it seemed a natural progression from my electronics studies.
I'm currently studying IT at TAFE (college), and never realized I actually had to learn how to use office and all the associated crap, I actually thought a certificate 3 was hardware and networking, which it is as well, but so far, I basically know all the hardware related stuff I have been studying. Not to say I can't occasionally be stumped with a hardware problem (I am at the moment), but it's not for employment, so it doesn't matter. I spend quite a bit of my time trying to help other people from my class learn hardware related tasks, and never charge. I enjoy helping people.
I'm a disability pensioner, and continually study to try and keep my brain active.

I'm not a software person, and stopped learning after Win98, got sick of all the continual changes, but I have a 14 year old son living with me, who sets up his own networks, and plays with Winserver, VBulletin, etc, so I let him handle the software dramas at home, and I look after the hardware.
I hope to be able to make a contribution to the forum with the knowledge I have, and also hope to learn from many of the smarter members.

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