Greetings to the entire DaniQeb community (lurkers included). I am a CS n00b as far as the study and practice is concerned but, I've been circling the rim for many years via a steady diet of Sci-Fi, psychics, biology, and net Art. I'm fiercely eager to learn this stuff. I had a Unix/Python programmer friend who waxed philosophical about writing code and the command line one too many times. It got me intrigued, then interested, and finally resulted in full blown rabid addiction. I was about to start a masters program in Art History, but got bitten hard by the bug, and had a change of (he)art. Since then I've just been staying up late, experimenting, studying, and having fun, trying to beef up enough to handle some online CS courses. I've been doing graphic and web design for almost 8 years now, but I'm having way more fun under the hood. I'm happy to be a new member of this community and look forward to the immediate future. So: print "Hello World"

Until the future,
-Al Truism

Welcome to the forum, hope you have a great time.

Welcome to the site
Great to have you here


Thanks for the words of welcome guys! I've been goofing around with PyGame all evening since I finally got a build of PyObjC working. It's very fun, if somewhat daunting. I have been finding it hard to settle into a good pace in my exploration of this stuff. I'm finding most of it far too difficult or far too simple (I've been writing code proper (about 4 times a week) for almost 4 months now). I don't yet have a good sense of the learning curve and my place in it. Anyone else with similar experiences?