Okay how do you play Geek Auction? it's Pretty simple. You put how long you've been working in the field your in, how long you have worked with computers, anything that would promote yourself. Then others say how much they think your worth by DWJ points (Dani Web Joke Points) if someone says 1 point well your not worth anything your basically a n00b. the points go from 1-100,000 DWJ points. So here is an example ( I know linux, python, ruby on rails, and qbasic. The language I am the best at is Qbasic I am just learning the others but I may be good at them someday.) Okay so I would say that person is worth 1 point. I hope you get the idea! This is just for fun I hope you have a great geek time!

Okay I will start myself off at a price for 50,000 DWJ points.

I am very knowledgable in HTML, CSS, XHTML, and Flash. I am currently learning more actionscript for a site I am working on. I know my way around a redhat server's shell pretty darn well and I am going to expand my linux knowledge.
Do I Hear 55,000 DWJ ?