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Now that the movie National treasure came out. I have a little question about our one dollar bill. And i was wondering what does it mean the pyramid and the eye on the back of our dollar bill. And I don't know latin, what "novus ordo seclorum" means? well i think is latin right:?:

Have you seen National Treasure, I haven't seen it yet. tell me how was it?

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just when I don't have my Latin dictionary with me.
Yes, I used to study Latin in school but I've forgotten a lot of it. That's what happens when you don't use it regularly :(

Maybe the official website of the US office of engraving and printing (the guys who print the dollar) (yes, there is one) has the answer:


Much has been written about the origins of the Great Seal of the United States on the back of the one dollar bill.

* Why a pyramid... an arguably un-American symbol?
* Why a Latin reference to a "new secular order" (in stark contrast to "In God We Trust.")
* And what about that eerie floating eyeball?

Many historians now credit the unseen hand of the Illuminati with influencing the design of the Great Seal. The Illuminati had infiltrated the brotherhood of the Masons at a time when the Masons were very influential in U.S. politics (Vice President Henry Wallace was an upper echelon Mason.) Most believe the Illuminati used their considerable influence to "brand" their symbology on the dollar bill.

The "all-seeing eye" above the pyramid is a well-known Illuminati symbol called the Shining Delta. The eye signifies the Illuminati's "all-seeing" infiltration of government and community. The triangle (or delta) around the eye is the mathematical symbol for change (the Illuminati's ultimate goal was to bring about massive change in the form of a secular New World Order.) And finally, the rays of light shining off the triangle signify enlightenment and illumination (i.e., intellectual freedom from the dangerous "myth" of religion.)

Hope that helps.


Hey jwenting, i check the website and according with the Bureau of Engraving and printing the pyramid symbolizes strength and duration. and Novus Ordo Seclorum means A new order of the ages, I thought it meant a new secular order :?:. Does it have to meanings?

Thank you guys:confused:


Not quite sure without a dictionary (again :)) but given that the French word for century is siecle (sp.??) and is derived closely from Latin the translation as "ages" of the plural form Seclorum is probably accurate.

I don't think the Romans even had a word with a meaning similar to the English "secular".
Separation between religion and other events was not an established way of doing things in those days.

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