Here be a FAQ for ye all.

Q: What's your favourite data structure?
arrrray's me hearty!

Q: Which virus scanner do you use?
Avast!, and ye be free of the vermin.

Q: What's your favourite syntax?
Arrr, that'll be the main brace to keep your program on a steady course.

Q: What's your favourite programming language?
The language of the C you land-lubber!

Q: What should I do with memory leaks?
Fix them, lest your program become waterlogged and sink to Davy Jones' locker.

Q: How do you count your money?
Aye, tis the pirate way to use octal when counting pieces of eight!

Ezzaral commented: Arrr! Hoist the Jolly Roger, it be the 19th! +12

Oh, crap! It is September already.

Must... send... Mom... birthday card... brb.