Hi Everyone,

I am Michele Alexander, a Tax Professional and Paralegal. I live in Pittsburgh, PA and I am looking for help and direction with a tracking issue. In addition to the professions that pay the bills, I also own the website winacrown.com and I have owned that website since 2001. Through my website, I advertise the pageants I own and produce, one of which is Miss Pittsburgh. I can track the number of people who come to my site looking for Miss Pittsburgh; however, that number is very low because in 2004, someone I thought was a friend registered Miss Pittsburgh as his domain name. Miss Pittsburgh is a trademark registered in PA and I own the trademark. I am attempting to resolve this matter through our court system and I need to know how to determine (if this is possible) how many people who type in the words Miss Pittsburgh actually go to the website called misspittsburgh.org. , which is his website. If anyone has any information or can give me direction on hos to accomplish this, please let me know. You can also call me at 412.224.4022 or call my toll free number at 866.386.5086. Thank you.
Michele J. Alexander

Wish I could've helped you.
Sad,so sad
hope it works out for you Michele

cheers lady