I need advice on how to learn on my job. i didnt study computer science but i work with a firm which builds software solutions for banks. i was employed as a business solutions analyst; ie i am to meet with IT dept of banks get the details of what software, e-payment solution they may need & explain it to the developers in my firm, this means that i need to understand what is do-able &how it can be done etc. what can i study on my own to that effect &what causes do u think i need to do, to be able to achieve this. Thanks

OMG either you lied like hell to land that job or your employer is pretty darned stupid for hiring you in that position.

>>what causes do u think i need to do, to be able to achieve this.
Quit that job and go to college full time to earn a bachelor's degree. You can't learn IT overnight.

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You need to learn your employer's business domain and the technical details of that domain and your companies offerings, which your employer should provide guidance on, unless you did misrepresent yourself as AD suggested.

I am a developer and an analyst so I do both an have been for over two years. I would say that an analyst should have development experience to know when more details are required. The biggest problem that you are going to face is knowing when you are going to need more details. The fact is that anything can be done but the question is, how long will it take and is the client willing to fork over the time and resources to get what they want. Another issue that you will face is getting the complete solution the first time around. After two years, I still have a hard time with this because half the time you are analyzing something that you have no experience with because your profession is not in banking but in development.

This is definitely going to be a nightmare for you but it is possible, you need to make sure you take really good notes. Study the software that your company has already made and try to make comparisons between your current solutions and the new solution. When you come across a difference that you have never seen before, that will be one instance where you will need to make sure you get all the detail you can possibly get. You will need to go through several scenarios in your head quickly to come up with the questions that you will need to ask in order to get the correct detailed information that your developers need.

Also, often times something sounds like something you have already done but one small detail will make it completely different.

BTW: you don't necessarily need to know how something works to explain what it does.

thanks a billion Robbob am going to follow what u said religiously & for ezzaral i didnt lie to land the job i made it clear that my degree is in Electronics. my post is business solutions analyst trainee i only showed my passion for software but they still need me to learn the fastest possible. thanks once more Robbob

if you want to learn a language, try this site - I have friends that say they chose their programming language by trying each of the problems in the different languages. take a look, it could help you decide it could be fun.