I'm sure given enough time that many could be discovered...


You could cleverly arrange one to spell your name! brilliant! thats 110... :)

112 ways: i counted the 111 in binary :P

bored factor of 113.... I think i need soemthing better to do than go through all the posts on topics...

wonder how long this is going to go on for??? O well, heres one for the c++ guys n gals, 113++ = 114

cout << "hey its 116"; :)

cin >> "heh, I forgot what kind of stuff goes here 117";

118 118 Got Your Number! :)

I think it's ten dozen next....er....yip..... that's 120 to you

10 dozen + 2 = 122

Huh? Confused? 111 1101

i take it the last one ment 125.
that plus one = 126

yea, what cscgal is binary for 125, she is just stuck in the past :P
Dani, you should make a emote that has the tongue sticking out.


lol yeh


:p :p :p :p :p 129

aha, I see the tongues now, kind of hard to tell, thank you for enlightening me :p 130

u lern sumfin every day

yehhp... 133

here i am back. had heaps of assignment lately. anyway hope that every1 had a gud xmas and a well sort of a new year. i wnt say happy becuase i got a tsumani near me.
that 134 from me

welcome back :cheesy:

136 first three triangle numbers :)