hi everyone, im Cynthia from quebec canada, but i was born and raised in Philippines.
my hobbies are, well i love to sing and listening to music, i appreciate almost all types of music except for hard rock/metal but what i love most is pop and hiphop songs, sports such as basketball but i just watch them dont play it. i love to play guitar also, chess and bowling. i like making videos also like when theres family occasions. ohh almost forgot, what i love most is cooking :) asian cuisines specially.

my favorite tv show, any kind of reality tv shows, i like watching discovery channel, cartoon network, national geographic and of course just for laughs. i like comedy theme shows or movie.

favorite movie, well transformer :) yupee. gladiator, braveheart and a lot more to mention

work: employee, free lance programmer
education: computer science

so, hope you know more or less about me now. i will be so glad to meet you guys in the community. weeeeeeee.

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