I posted a single thread, and got three responses immediately.
That is one effective website.

Here is where I am:

Have not programmed in many years, however I still read about computers,
and I still come up with programs - although I have not done any coding
whatsoever (yet).

Through one of the DUMMIES books I found at library, I discovered that in
order to operate, I can use the command prompt on my Windows platform.
I assumed that was true when I first got my computer.

Windows help screens are NO HELP AT ALL. Unless you have a bit of prior
information about general stuff ANYWAY.

If I were to dedicate time to coding again, first I would use the CPU's speed
to crunch numbers - i'm a number freak from way back.

One idea - a bit of a challenge even for me - was to devise a number system
in base 26. Why? to represent letters and combinations of letters as a number.
Then another one, multiply the numbers and translate the response to base ten
to see what you get. That and to see what various words translate to what
numbers. All words would have a different number.

Why bother to do this you ask? For fun! Why not? I've got other ideas...

A master program that would take years (although it probably exists already)
that would recognise a language such as English and locate the subject and
various parts of inputs (in English) and refer to a memory bank and someone
could control the computer with plain English. Like 'Joshua' in War Games.

Don't say it isn't possible - human beings are genius - give them some credit
(at least humor us dreamers).

Anyway. I like to study assembly language, processors, and anything I can
find online that is cerebral and computer-related.

Respondez-vous-sil-vous-plais! I love this site and am going to use it!


From Everett, Washington, the States,

- - - - - Anthony Smith.

October 1 2008 8:17 PM PST.

that's a nice introduction! hello there ;) i'm new here too

Hi thanks for your comments on my blog but I didn't let it through because it's unrelated to my blog's theme. Hope you understand. :)

Anyway, from your description of what you would like to code, I would recommend C/C++ to you.