I'm 48. I was born and raised in N.Y.C., 5'2". My father had an Office in 1 World Trade Center until 1987. I used to work as an Administrate Assistant to the VP.
But now I'm an Almond Grower in California.

I have two websites..
And as a result, I'm being forced to learn binary and what source code is. I research
Volcanoes and the weather. To see if global warming is for real and analyze my Almond
Orchard- Nut Production

I also research Astrology- but I don't believe its a 'science' anymore- even though 'Masons"
World Leaders, UFO's and 'terrorist' use it.
I know what your thinking UFO"s? yea! UFO'S use astrology, weird huh! Travel 60 trillon
miles to make appearences-via-Astrology. But really Nazi's created them.
And the crashes are result of Project Aphrodite/Anvil. A project that got Joseph Kennedy Jr. killed.
They have a very strict method as to how they use it, but that doesn't mean its a "true" science.
I observe the 'Stars" at Slooh.Com- and online observatory in the Canary Islands
and soon (been waiting 5 yrs) they say; in Chile and Austrailia.
It must in the software, that taking so long..
Like to watch T.V. and drink! Anyway about all I can think of at this hour-
oh I like the Jets, Knicks, Yankees, (Rangers) Islanders - New York teams.
Though, they forgotten how to win..Thats' it.

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Welcome to Daniweb Rod, Although this post should have gone in the community introductions forum.

You`ll find an abundance of knowledge, humor and good, helpful people use this site.

Have Fun,



Welcome, I love almonds; but I find it interesting that UFOs use astrology. How do you know this? Astrology treats the universe as 2-dimensional whereas the universe is a little more complex than that. Astrology is very earth-centric, if someone visits from somewhere else, how could they use astrology when they would not see what we see?

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