OK, sorry for the totally random Mark Ashworth post, but my friend from work, Travis Newman, thinks he can rank higher than I can and more quickly for the name Mark Ashworth. Mark is a guy who sits near me and Travis at NextStudent.

Mark Ashworth is a C# developer, Travis is the Software Manager, and I am the Senior Web Developer / SEO. Travis is the "boss" is me and Mark Ashworth. The domain I set up for him is mark-ashworth.mcpmedia.com. Travis' Mark Ashworth page was set up 2 weeks ago. I set mine up a day ago. Travis ranks number 3 on google and I rank number 2 for the same phrase.

If you want to help me win the Mark Ashworth SEO battle, please link to my subdomain with the anchor text of Mark Ashworth. Once I get number one rankings I win. The link to my subdomain certainly doesn't need to be permanent. I just need a quick kick to get that top spot before Travis does. He plans on putting his mark ashworth page on an extensive link network that will surely give him the edge, so I need to grab that top spot quick or else I will be persecuted at work from both Travis and Mark Ashworth.

If you want to help me win the Mark Ashworth SEO Battle, please pop this in any spot on any of your websites for a few days - I would love you forever if you did!

Mark Ashworth link text :
<a href="http://www.mark-ashworth.mcpmedia.com/" target="_blank">Mark Ashworth</a>

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DaniWeb offers blogging in which our members are allowed to create their own tech-related blogs. If you create a blog entry with links to your Mark Ashworth page, then that is two pages of backlinks - your main blog page, as well as the blog detail page for the particular entry. Just an idea.


Bleh. Spell my name right first and then we'll talk ;)

You're saying that's the only requirement? :D


damn. and it was in her sig in #2. there go those backlinks hehe.

thats funny


DANI I am sorry. I must now commit sepukku for disrespecting you like that.


(had to put more text in there) :lol:


hey, thanks to anybody who helped me get links. I won the competition WOOOHOO!!!

so now I am taking down all my links - watch my ranks plummet!

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