I'm Frank, and live in Asheville, NC, and have seen a lot of useful threads here over the years on doing google searches for particular topics. Figured I'd join to see more regularly what's going on here, and maybe get to ask a few questions too here & there.
I'm 54, and computers are more of a hobby than a profession, but have been playing around with programming since 1971, and even wrote some commercial stuff as well as a few things for Linux on sourceforge for the greater community. I've used a bunch of platforms since my younger days, and Linux since 2000, though I also still use XP and just got into exploring OS X for the first time in just this past month. I have a bunch of computers, and usually have one or two to install experimental OS's on, see what they can do, and then wipe them for something else. My larger proficiency now is in PHP/MYSQL, but I've also worked with some python, and older basic (like QBASIC) and others over the years. So will scour these forums for some useful tips, am glad to see more of a "programmers" forum than the ones out there usually just devoted to one OS or distro. Have a great day, and will be around here now as time allows.

Hi welcome to Daniweb! 1971....that was even before I was borned!

Welcome to the forum, that's a nice introduction.

Roger here from Chicago....I just read your
intro.. I am an IT professional, whatever
that means... hahahaha lol... It is good
that u learned php,mysql, etc.. How much
network experience do u have...Have u installed a wireless network with servers running ?????
I normally outsource to people in 3rd
world countries on Rentacoder... I just
joined this group... Please read some of
my questions on the forum....Have a good
day... Hope to chat with u in the future...