Yeah we are rolling man woooooo hoooooo "Inscirror do you have AIM?"

What other polls should we make I made on under Windows XP check that one out as well.

what no MechWarrior II?!!! >:(

This is some exciting poll! Two people! WOO!


Where the hell is Starcraft or Diablo II? These two games are more popular than most of the games on that list. =)

Yeah I know that sorry asked people I knew in person to give me some ideas there are a couple more I left out sorry about that.

Hehe. It's ok. Just two games that my friends and I play a lot.

There better I got rid of the one player games I said online games I know now two of the games you play but you have to pick one!!!!! lol enjoy

no lol is that online with other people?

it used to be - i nver played it online tho i know some of my friends did; i havent played it since MWIII came out - whipped thru that in NO time - and i'm not really a game - it was a HUGE disappoint when i got to the end and that was all there was! >:( i should load MWII on 1 of my pc's just to c how a prog designed for a 60-120MHz/64MB RAM sys would run on a 450/96 - i'm sure there's bound 2b a cupla interesting quirks!!! :D

Cool lol

Thank god I said
Question: What is your Fav "Online" Game?

Yeah, I do have AIM. My profile on here even says so. =) It's runs 24/7. The screen name is "inscissor."

Hmm ... inscissor, you are on AIM 24/7? I don't see ya on now ;)

You be quiet. :)

Urban Terror owns j00 all...

MAD_DOG and I think s0....

:-OWhat? No just cause 2? It is the most eppicest game I have!;)

Yes, there is some guy who had a online mode programmer onto his copy of just cause, no idea how he managed, but what a genius( too bad there's no one else that hecan play online with.

>> What? No just cause 2? It is the most eppicest game I have!

Perhaps that's because it wasn't created yet in 2002 when this thread was started :icon_frown:

I honestly cannot recall what games I was playing EIGHT YEARS AGO to be honest :)

You should have an "other" option.

I would say mine is MS. pacman :)

Mine is Urban Terror, i have also voted it. :D

Mine favorite is "Star Craft" and i have already vote for it. Its the best for me. I love to play this game.