Hello everyone,

My name is Belgis and i'm from North Sulawesi, Indonesia. I'm currently searching for the way to keep up a website in good ranking on search engines especially in Google.
Hope i can learn more here about SEO (and also more about PHP, database, webdesign) and maybe contribute something if i can be any help.

Lil' bit more about me (following the format from Dani and Danny-boy.. hehehehe):
age: 21
height: 157 cm
weight: 47 kg
hair: black and long
hobbies: apart from computer, swimming, scuba diving on Lembeh Strait (not very often since my eardrum burst but its fine now so will be diving more often), photography, hiking, singing, watch movies and ofcourse listening to music.
Relationship status: single
Fav music: classical, Norah Jones, U2, Within Temptation
Education: fresh graduate in Computer Science

Thanks and Greetings to all DaniWeb-fans
and Congratulations to Dani-Queen of DaniWeb and all great moderator for great work!
(Seems like everybody here in DaniWeb are very friendly *_*)

Welcome to the community, belgis!

Nice intro, welcome to Daniweb!