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Hi everyone, I like to introduce myself but first let me express how ecstatic I am to be part of a Computer Programming community like daniweb.com. Even though I’m not knew to computer programming, there is always some information yet to be discover hopefully this community will help me satisfy this need which makes me kind of anxious to start reading every thread here. The blend of people here makes me feel at home and welcoming unlike other place (esp. high school if makes you feel like an outsider). But yet, I can’t wait for the threads I’ll be reading, the tutorial I will be practicing and especially the network of people to meet.
In addition as to being a programmer, I don’t have many hobbies besides poking the keyboards 10 hours a day. I listen to all types of music especially techno and classical music (mainly Justice and Sebastian Pachelbel) specially when I program. I’m currently an undergraduate at TIT majoring in the field Mathematics. My favorite food is Takoyaki with a cup of lemon tea but usually go days only eating a bowl of rice. I don’t play much sports; it’s a repellent for me. I don’t really have any friends besides Asus, my computer (jk …. I think). I guess this wraps it up but let me acknowledge the people who are willingly to help one another, showing new programming techniques and just being so helpful, Thank You!

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