not really sure what to put in here, I have to admit I didnt read the 100 entries before mine lol
my eyes are about to bug outta my head from reading all the other informative posts on programming. Computers have been a big part of my life since the Tandy 128k Color Computer 3, which some of u may be familiar with.

I build them, game on them, do webdesign, and now I'm doing the college thing and learning programming. Last semester I had an awesome teacher, and aced the class. I got a perfect score on all my programs, and didn't even have to take the final if I didnt want to and still would have passed the class with flying colors. (Needless to say I did take the final anyways just cuz I wanted to and I wanted that A)

This semester it got real tough, the teacher is horrible. He expects the class to know as much about programming he does, and acts more like a reference than a teacher. If you ask a question he'll belittle you and degrade you in front of the class, so needless to say there aren't a lot of questions asked in that class.

I've been totally lost on something that most would think is a very simple thing. I've scoured over the internet for countless hours, read the parts of the book I'm supposed to multiple times, and any and all other areas that may pertain to the subjects I try to expand my knowledge on, all to no avail.

Finally, I found this site, and there are unfathomably reasonable requests people ask of people like me. So I will have a few questions which I will post in the right areas of the site. I am bound and determined to get programming down. I also took a computer class in computer logic and scored a 98% in it. I know I can do programming I just need to learn the syntax to it.

It would be really cool if I could find a sort of mentor on this site, to help me as I progress thru my studies. I am forever programming, and in the times I get really frustrated with my homework, I start working on some programs I write in my spare time. It's what I want to do for a living, and I intend on being nothing short of an expert programmer.

There are tricky computer languages and there are nice ones. Which one are you taking?

Hi welcome to Daniweb! Hope you learn more about programming in Daniweb.