Hey all,

I'm sort of new into the whole web development arena. In my undergrad years I did a lot of programming but not a lot of web development; however, I'm really enjoying the web development end of things. I did my first official web development project a few months ago and loved it!! I have been doing a few more since then and have been growing in my knowledge every day.

This community looks like a great place to learn more about web development and anything else techie.

As a "newbie" what are some threads that I should take a look at? Ones that have increased your knowledge of web development? I'm using a lot of PHP and Javascript and HTML for most of my projects, so any threads that you have all found helpful would be great!!


Hi and welcome to DaniWeb! I can't really point out specific threads because your interests seem rather broad :) Plus, I don't hang out in the programming forums a whole bunch lol.

Hi welcome to Daniweb! You can look under the web development section, there's a php subsection down there.