Hi all,

I'm a dutch pilgrim, hiking to Santiago de Compostela in stages. I got involved in webmastering the site for the Dutch society of Santiago Pilgrims. I am therefore new to using HTML and the content manager "movable types".
I hope to learn from you how to deal with the problems I encounter, building new pages, and maybe someday I'll be able to help someone else.

The DaniWeb community looks like fun.

Call me Han.

Welcome aboard mate :)

Hi welcome to Daiweb!

Hi Han, that sounds like fun, hiking across the country and also staying connected to the virtual world.

I'm also a new member. I am here to pretty much learn the basics of web and technology, as I'm working on a few projects of my own. I look forward to reading everyone's discussions.


what do you use for web access. Internet cafes?

Hi James,

At the moment we're at home, but when we (my wife and I) are on the road, we use whatever we come across. Internet cafes are an obvious choice, but the hospitality of our hosts sometimes is overwhealming.



Hi, budgawnings,

Fun it is. And I wish you have a good time too!



Aye aye, captain Hafsoh!

Stay on coarse!