my eyes are tired, building websites as if everyone suddenly found the interwebs handy to have a site



You can always send some this way!! (just kidding), also tied up to my neck. I'm lucky, I have one guy helping out.



Again. How did this work out!!! I had the honors in January as well.

Sorry team B, you are no match for us here, we have proofed it twice already!!!;)

Thanks to every one contributing. Last time I said "NOT AGAIN", well we did. I hope someone deletes this post!:)


Yes, congrats TEAM-A and sorry Dingbats and sorry debasisdas, you two should change your user names to something A-Teamish.

Can a mod update the scoreboard?

And then delete this game, it keeps me from my work, hehe!


I have asked the modes to Update, hopefully they will delete this (I doubt). It will pain me if I say not again, just to jump in on 400 again because I can not let Team A loose....



Ezzeral, you are ^*&&^%^&%&^, dammit. We just went through this, now again!!!;)
At least you're on our side.


> We just went through this, now again
Oh, surely you want to give Team B another chance, right?


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