Maybe I must also try that, 500 smackaroos is good money for half hour work


Thats what I thought, 500 *7 = R3500-00, AND I committed to 7 days for finalization!


yep, I get that for a full blown content managment type of site, pricing myself to stay in the market


I know, thats why I started going online, I have updated my profile on about every social site, I started mailing contacts abroad, this morning I started with freelancer.com, and wham, I got a job. I started at $200 for the 2 sites, I then had to reduce to 100 for them to accept. When we made contact half an hour ago, more requirements, but still very basic and WHAM, I'm on 500. I'm going to push this all the way. Joining me over there?


I never checked freelancer out before, but I know about it, will def check it out, did not realize Saners can join there. Do you use paypal?


Yes, still battling with finer codes, but had to incorporate it in our newest project, so, looks like it will work. Do you?


Plain CSS I'm ok with, still battle with php but make use of scripts already there, do not write new ones myself.


Shout if you need help. I'm really getting there. Dreamweaver cs5 is probably the best software since vb6 that I have invested in!

If you need code etc, pm me, I'll supply where I can.:)


thanks, will take you up on that for sure.


Shooting home now, well soon...


I go for dinner now, back later


Going to lay down and die now. Back later.


get better soon

What has been happening..?!