Anddddddddddddddddd...back to 608

(I think we both could do with some support here or this will get very boring.)

608 (looks like fun) :)

610...yeah...its um...gripping ;)

614 (lets get it goin')

616 (Nothin' is gonna stop us!)

620! (since 604 isn't legal)


608. Beats a sharp stick in the eye, I suppose. Not by much, though.

I seem to be out of synch with the game... :(


OK Jon.Kiparsky you've had your fun now let's play the game properly please ;)

That's more like it ;)

Thank you Sergeant Sir. But it's 622, sir.

Nein. Es ist sechshundertvierundzwanzig (624).

Ei. Ei ole kuusisataakaksikymmentäneljä. Kuusisataakaksikymmentäkaksi.

six cent vingt-quatre


You know, I never have been able to get my head around the Hindi number system, and I never learned to count that high in Blackfoot, so I'm running out myself.
Let's call it a draw for the night - 623. Fair?

Hmmm...well I have to go to school in a minute anyway, so fine we'll call it 623 until someone else comes along. BTW it's morning here :|