467. I think maybe they've given up...

Or grown up, who knows... :)


Growing old is mandatory - Growing up is optional.

467. Sorry gents, but I have to work... it's time to use some butterflies :)

import butterfly

459. Shall we run this down a little while we've got a clear field?

Okay, then I've gotta write some code...

451. Okay, then I've gotta pay attention to the code I'm writing. :)


if(Direwolf007.respond() || jon.kiparsky.respond())
   System.out.println( <sarcastic mean comment > );
   for(int i = curretNumValue; i < currentNumValue + 900; ++i)
       num += 2;

451. I am just revising something following a design review, nothing major.

I'm doing something major, but practicing my "oops" response :)


449. I'm trying to simplify what I've done so I can figure out how to do the next thing. No oops allowed. :)

451 obviously no oops allowed, but still good to practice just in case :)

449. Ooops! No, too dramatic.... Ooooooops. Might work. Oops? No, no good at all...

447. apines, go, work, be off for a bit :D

437. Poor SgtMe, he's gonna have a heart attack...

435. I think we can win this in a day or two :D