Why is there two zero. Well done team B, we have won

Yup, let's celebrate

we lose to bad >.<

Score now is
Team A = 5
Team B = 1

Let's start a new one. 500

I am throwing a lavish party for team B tonite.

We will make Team A members wait outside the gate :).

And its time to let this thread rest in peace (atlest for few days may be hrs)

Okay debasisdas. Let's toast to the success of Team B.


commented: please don't cry :twisted: +0

at last after 1045 pages and 10445 posts after all Team B won you should celebrate this event dear TEAM B

Let's start a new one. I start first

Ayagi, 500 :) :)
You can increase only by 2, though you are from Team A not by 10
So, i am putting again



My goodness, Team B, may your joy be everlasting, you made it, because we let you!! hehe!


i wanted to take a break from this, but you guys won't let me do that .