I am showing here the total no. of posts contributed by the members in the previous game. Where Team B has won with flying colours.

Team B
1. Debasisdas -------- 232 Nos
2. P.manidas---------- 162 Nos.
3. Jingda------------- 132 Nos.
4. Portgas D. Ace------- 7 Nos.
5. Xlphos--------------- 3 Nos.

Team A
1. Kraai--------------- 129 Nos.
2. Arbus--------------- 116 Nos.
3. Ayagi---------------- 20 Nos.
4. AbelLazm------------- 16 Nos.
5. Walf Shield----------- 3 Nos.
6. Speed Fanat1c--------- 1 No.

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Team B won the battle, but are still far behind on the game. the score is 5 against 2 team A leading

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