Good Morning All....

1138. Good morning to you abelLazm. But why is the number so high, i thought when Team A reach 1000, they win?


winter has arrived

1138. I have not been back here for a few days so i don't know why the situation is like this. Can someone please tell me why the number is over 1000, is there a new rule?

1140...... That is because we have changed rules a little

1138. How so? Does that means to win, the number score must be higher this time?

1140... That is not about winning or loosing its just to check whether team B can meet team A's score or not

I see thanks abelLazm. 1138

1140 (same as 640 see?)

1140. You just subtract 500 to get the real score. Is that right?

but if it crosses 2000 then you have to subtract 1500 and if it crosses 3000 you have to subtract 2500 to get the real score and so on