1262. Sad to hear that abelLazm got banned.:'(


what happend?

1262. Team A has just lost a good member and a good programmer.


The way I see it, was automatic system ban because of infraction points, and banning will lapse when fractions timed out.


why angry?

1268 what is happening here ?

1270. because i also got infraction point just for writing sentences in short like chat

1272....I just read the previous page and came to know that abellazm got banned that is bad he was really a great help in programming

abellazm is very nice girl...

1274 No she was a girl i just check her profile/Posts OMG i was Thinking she was a guy

1176 hey i had a chat with her.:)

1278... i check her posts where she number of times said she is a girl :D


1180. i think Ace should ban

1282... check previous posts dears it 12... not 11... and you are right wenbnet

Webnet, You have no useful posts, or good contributions at all in the whole Daniweb community, you will go before me.