Good Morning All.:)

1324.Hi wenbnet. Just curious how many infraction points do you have now because if you get another infraction you will be auto ban from daniweb. So just stick to the rules and be safe. Happy posting.

1326. i have infraction point for keep it clear. and their is showing total 0 infraction point. i got warning and now i m following rules by writing in full sentences.:)

1324. Good to hear that. It's unfortunate that abel got banned so early.

1324. Hi kraai. Sorry for the late response i was busy in other forums. Long time never see you in the networking forum. What happened?


I'm there, but not answering questions that has been answered before, or questions not asked properly.

Good Afternoon....

Can any body tell me what happened to Ace why he got banned???? What is happening around why is every one going?

1330. Go to Ace profile and click on his profile. Go and see his reputation and you will know why he got banned. He got banned for his abusive language and his rude attitude.

1334.... Got why is everyone getting banned

1330. Dont ask me. They all receive infractions first before getting an auto ban.

1334.... I know ace was using bad language but Abellazm was a kind poster as far as I know