1332. She got banned from copy and pasting information from other websites. But i think there is no wrong in that because she also posted a link to that acknowledging the creator information. The moderators and admins are a bit harsh.

1334.... Anyway she was a gr8 help for everyone

1332. I agreed she is knowledgable and a great help in the programming forum.

Good Morning All.

1338 Good morning

1336. Good morning gulbano. My time here is 2.00 Pm. I just have my lunch.


I see Portas also got banned yesterday

1342. Ya, so many posters got banned recently. What if next is going to be me.


Nah... the banning system works automatically, and is fair, regardless who you are.

1342. Ace got banned for his language and abel for her copy and pasting. Which one is more serious.


None is more serious, a default is a default, there are no such thing as little sins or big sins

1346. bad language user should be ban.


yes, agree, and so he was.

1350. did you see new release of Pirates of Carribean?

1348. Yes. Pirates of the Carribean 4 is damn nice. Interesting plot and new characters emerge. Are you a fan of pirates of the carribean as well?

1352. yes, but didn't see the latest.

1354. Glad to have you back Kraai in the networking forum. Wenbbnet you should see the new film, the 4 series on stranger tides is very nice. I hope they will have a fifth and sixth film.