if any question view the first thread.

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1908. Welcome to the game. If you have questions you can always ask me, wenbent or Kraai ( Not here for the time being but will be back soon ). The three of us have been playing this game for a long long time. Right, wenbent?


Thanks... I'm referring to the member above 'HemrajKumhar'. He should enter 1906 (-2) because his name started with H which is Team B... But he's a new player so I don't mind....

I'm new too so please guide me... ^^



1904. Actually the game endd when the number reach 0 for Team B and 1000 for Team A, the starting number is 500. But Kraai and Abellazm edit the the rules and now the game will go on forever but we can always revert the rules and play the normal games again.


Rules changed. Start from 500.

Team A +2
Team B-2

I go first.

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