500. Hi wenbnet, im leaving now...Bye:)

502. Hi Shanti C. Got school the whole day so i can hardly reply you guys.

504, hi jingda , how was the day ?

502. Hi Shanti and thanks for your concern. Day was tough. Teacher assign us a lot of project work and assignment and the deadline is just nearing. School is like hell to me.

504. Hi Jingda, Be Cool and put your hard work there.. All the best.

502. Thanks for the encouranging words. There is an examination coming up so i have to revise and study hard to ace that.

504. Ok.All the best for examination.Have good time.These days will never come back, so enjoy man..

502. Thanks. If i ace it i will be sure inform you

508. Good Morning.....

506. Good morning wenbnet.

510. Good morning wenbnet & jingda ...