What's going on here?

312. Thw whole game is in a mess. Now all post must have a number!

@ paat

Ya, i did. This game would not be fun without having oppenents


wenbenet edit your number to 314.

My number is 316

WOOOW!! You're going too far wenbnet!
You're in 324 now --> I am 314

310. Mistakes in this game are common. If you found out you post your number wrongly go and edit it


312. wenbnet edit your post above and out in the number 310.Follow my number from now on


This is cheating :-/

314. Wrong number Pro2000, you got to keep up with the pace you know;)




316. No its not. 2 v 2 is fair. Lol

300 + 8

Damn this game. Everything is mess up now. Who is on whose team? 314

i dont know, i m increasing by 2 only